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Sustainable is defined as the ability to be maintained at a certain standard or level.  Quality wealth management will prepare you to achieve and maintain a desirable standard of living for the rest of your lifetime.

While the focus of Tyler Wealth Management is to help its clients achieve a financially sustainable future, it is important to note that Tyler Wealth Management as an organization is also sustainable.  Rob Tyler, founder, owner, and lead advisor, has been serving clients since 1995.  He led clients through the tech stock bubble burst of 2000-2002, the Great Recession of 2007-2009, the pandemic bear market of 2020, and the rising interest rate, high inflation bear market of 2022.

Scott Bunch, 7 years younger than Rob, has been with Tyler Wealth Management since 2013 and brings 13 years of prior experience in operations and client service.  Scott is a capable financial advisor as well as Director of Operations and Portfolio Management.

Brandt Karnes, 20 years younger than Scott, has already passed the same tests as Rob and Scott for insurance and investments and has quickly proven his value in investment research, portfolio design, and financial plan development.

Tyler Wealth Management is uniquely positioned to have a founder and lead advisor with more than 28 years of experience who is in his early fifties, an additional, fully licensed, experienced, and competent younger team member, and a third up and coming advisor in the making.  If you are ready for a sustainable wealth management team that can help you achieve and maintain financial sustainability, then Tyler Wealth Management is your team!

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